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Office Lunch Catering

At Meltdown we know how to cater for lunch! As the amount of toastie platters we can provide is limited due to the hot nature of the product. We have developed the ultimate gourmet sandwich platters which look and taste delicious and are the perfect lunch catering option for your office.

Our Lunch Bestsellers

Breakfast Burritos

 It all started with our Breakfast burritos! They are famous in Dublin as the ultimate hangover cure and one of the most popular things on our menu. Why not treat your team to a Meltdown Breakfast Burrito Platter?

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Homemade Sausage Rolls

Then there are our sausage rolls which have been voted the best in Dublin. We make them in our production kitchen using Irish meat and all butter puff pastry, they are the perfect corporate catering breakfast solution as we provide them in both a full and bitesize options.

Healthy Breakfast Catering

We do of course offer healthy breakfast catering as well - vegan chia puddings, seasonal fruit salads, granola with seasonal compote - all homemade in house. This paired with freshly baked mini pastries and our delicious homemade banana bread make for the perfect office breakfast spread.

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